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Rigel Glock AIWB Surefire X300 / XH35 Holster Kit

Rigel Glock AIWB Surefire X300 / XH35 Holster Kit

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Rigel is the brightest star in the constellation Orion and our WML IWB/AIWB holster.  Our intro package will include the Rigel, sharing all of the standard features of the Seraph AIWB holster but in a weapon mounted light holster.  It is compatible with the new Surefire XH35.  For IWB and AIWB specifically the length is driven by the attached light.  For that reason we make the Rigel compatible with all Glock 9/40 double stack models and round off the muzzle.  When worn in the AIWB position with a 19/17 length pistol the extra holster merely occupies empty space.

Made in premium True Hide Material


What you get:

* Rigel AIWB Holster

* 2x Discreet Carry Concepts Universal MOD4 clips - EXTRA PRESSURE

* Lightwing

* Flat Wedge Kit



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