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Megingjörð PRO - AIWB Specific - Conceal Carry Belt

Megingjörð PRO - AIWB Specific - Conceal Carry Belt

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This is the newest version of our original AIWB-Specific belt design, the Megingjörð PRO.

It is called the PRO because it offers an industry-first type level of belt-side retention design.  This retention design applies to any holster system, and any clip version or style, although we highly recommend that you use our DCC Clips and/or our seraph duty-grade AIWB Holster system.  This is an upgrade to the already well-tested stiff section which the holster system is attached to.  You would attach your holster's clips inside this section and when you tighten the belt through the double-loops this section provides a level of holster retention that will exceed any concealed duty grade retention requirements. 

There is a PALS-style webbing section that allows for a multitude of various blade sheath clips, or anything else you would like to attach to this section for further retention and concealment.

According to Old Norse, the Megingjörð (pronounced Meg-in-ye-ord) is the name of the belt worn by Thor, which translates into "power belt," a big name for a big concept.

If you carry AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waist Band) then you know belt choice is extremely important.  Simply buying a thick leather belt is often the only option for many or going out and getting some tactical-looking belt with a huge buckle.  For those who have a lot of experience carrying in with an AIWB setup, they know that having the right belt matters, having big buckles, back-breaking rigid stiffness all around and pointless loops only adds to the detriment of carrying AIWB.  

The Megingjord is not your typical belt it is designed not to be the average belt.  The majority of companies copy the same template for belt creation, get a big buckle (usually from China) or buckle type that takes up a lot of real estate and has the same, heavy material all around.  This is done because it is cheaper for a company to manufacture since they do not need to buy two or three different materials and put more time into machine work.

We highly recommend using 1.75" DCC Clips or equivalent for this belt, it is not designed to work with most 1.5" clips.

Check out this educated end-user review of the V4 Belt:


Well, we decided to change all that, again.

Two different materials were chosen, one for its rigidity, and one for its pliable, but strong, attributes.  When carrying AIWB, only one part of the belt should be stiff, that is the part that makes direct contact with the holster system.  The rest should facilitate long periods of usage without pain or pressure on the lower back.  Something which many conceal-carrying citizens, non-uniformed LEO and GOV LEOs do on a normal basis. Why not design a belt around this specific requirement?  Who said a belt has to have the same thickness all the way around?  Why does everyone just accept this dogma blindly?

The Megingjord belt should be used by anyone who wants to carry a holstered pistol AIWB concealed, with a cover garment.  It is designed around comfort and concealment. 

The Megingjord design also allows for the implementation of a concealed blade or pistol magazine.  Many belts offer no retention other than their stiffness properties, but more stiff belts are not the answer for many.  Covering the blade sheath clip or pistol mag clip is a good way to retain them in one position.  This allows for repeatable retention from an ideal location determined by the wearer.

There is an added feature that allows the belt to stop any rotation, either inadvertent or during a physical confrontation because an opponent is trying to get the pistol or blade from the wearer.  Applied properly it pushes against the loop of the pants and stops the movement of the belt.

The Megingjord is NOT designed for anything OVERT.  It is not an OWB (Outside the Waist Band) type of belt.  It has one specific purpose and that is to allow comfortable AIWB carry while supporting the functions of a good holster system which will provide the best type of concealment possible.

When the Mengingjord belt is used in conjunction with our Seraph AIWB Holster system (with muzzle pad), the line of the belt is smooth and constant, properly utilizing the Darkwing attached to the Seraph.  This provides the best possible combination of belt, holster, and muzzle pad which allows for concealment and comfort which are unmatched in the industry.

How to measure your belt size:

Please follow these sizing guidelines as this belt is NOT designed to be a standard belt and requires a different type of size determination.  If you buy the wrong size belt due to not following these guidelines we have to charge a 25% restocking fee.

The Megingjord belt is designed to wrap back around your A-Line opposite of the AIWB holster you are carrying.  

They overlap in sizes because we wanted to get as close to a "one size fits most in this range" type of belt design.

Use a soft tape measure to measure how many inches around your pants are with an AIWB holster in place.  Since you are measuring the outside of the belt with this method, that is the number that you would use for choosing the right belt size.  You can also take your pant size, add two inches to it and that would be around the right overall size of belt you need.

Consideration: if you have 32-38 size pants, you probably need a medium, even if you are at the top of that size and follow the guide above, meaning if you have a 36 pant size and add two inches (due to AIWB holster) a large may be too big for you, so get a medium size.


Small = 28-32

Medium = 33-38

Large = 38-44

If you have any questions about the sizing or application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Made in the USA by US labor.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Steven Christol
Softest yet most concealable belt there is

This belt doesn’t cause pain in the hips or butt, it’s solid in the front for Appendix carry while simultaneously not adding any bulk or printing. It’s very light-weight, simple to put on and take off, and super easy to adjust. All of the materials are very well made, I crank on this thing as I prefer my belt as tight as possible and it’s held up with zero issues.

B Klooster
Hands down the best belt you can buy for appendix carry.

Everything you need, nothing you don't.

Rob Williams
One of the best belts I’ve worn

Thanks v dev group for coming up with a great idea. I’ve been carrying for a decade plus and I’ve always worn a mean gene leather belt with with an ares buckle. Until I bought the v dev group belt I did not know what I was missing. So thin so light but very strong I honestly forget it sometimes. But the main reason I bought it was not for comfort but for conceal ability, and it does that better than any belt I’ve used which I used one main one (mean gene) but have tried countless others. When I wear edc belts the thicker ones it looks like I’m wearing a hoola hoop. I’m a skinny guy so now with a t shirt it practically disappears along with a muzzle pad you can wear a smedium shirt and no one is the wiser. Great product. Only thing I could ask for is that the closed g style hook that the belt runs through to tighten I would like rounded off so that over time the rubbing doesn’t chew the nylon up but I’ll just be careful every time I put on the belt and it should last a lifetime. Thanks again.

Liam Babington

Simple solid and worth the investment