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Washington Flag Premium Leather Patch

Washington Flag Premium Leather Patch

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They are grayer than brown, but in a particular light, they will look slightly browner.  The first image is more accurate.

The patches are debossed with 13 six-pointed stars as was found on General Washington’s headquarters flag. According to Washington family tradition, the flag marked the presence of General Washington throughout the Revolutionary War. An original flag in the Museum of the American Revolution is thought to be the earliest surviving 13-star American flag. It was also known as a “standard” due to its smaller size and was otherwise known as the Valley Forge Flag.

These patches have hook fastener stitched to the back for use on any loop fastener panel. The hook fastener panel is not glued to the leather on the rear of the patch, so the end-user can cut a slit(s) and utilize the patch as a covert way to carry spare cash or other items.

Be advised that because these are made from cowhide, a natural material, there is variance in the grain, and scratches, scars, fat wrinkles, etc. may be found on the fabric.

-Made by hand in TN, USA
-Approximate dimensions: 3 1/4” x 2 1/4”
-English bridle leather (7-9 oz) stitched with polyester thread
-Hook fastener panel on rear 

User gets +1776 to Patriotism

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