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Slide Grip Art Panels - Sheets

Slide Grip Art Panels - Sheets

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Last run, once these are sold out they are sold out forever.


9x panels per sheet.  Various designs.  Specifically for those who want to get more grip on their slide when racking the slide.  These work in wet circumstances just as well as they do dry.  They are consumable, but they do last a good while even while training with them.  Only note of caution is that they will rub the inside of whatever holster you are using (they do with out Seraphs) but that does not ruin them.  So if you are into aesthetics, these will make the inside of your holster look worn.  


Can be applied to any part of your slide, recommended on the sides of the rear and/or the front for pinch grip racking.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kevin Goodman

My items are great. The flexible tray has come in very handy. Very satisfied.

Ryan Sackett
Exactly what I needed

I have a staccato C2 I've always shot stippled Glocks so I like having a place to put my thumb with my support hand that has some grip. This product perfectly fit that need.
I've gotten gun oil all over it it's gotten soaking wet in the rain and have had no issues whatsoever.

Ian Faas
About time

I have been waiting to find Texas flag slide grip panels for my Staccatos and when I saw them I bought them. Installed and work great using them on my daily carry and my other range guns. Works like a champ.

kip neuhoff
Great product


Mark Dain
Betsy Ross and blue line grip panels

Love them. The price is right. Shipping was very fast. Im looking forward to new patterns and finding new ways to use them.