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Flat Muzzle Pad

Flat Muzzle Pad

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2" X 2" - Pentagon Cut

Stamp on wedge may differ from that photographed

These are the new Flat Muzzle Pad's which are the successor's of the previous flat neoprene pads.  These are designed to be firmer than the previous flat wedges and have longer life.  You get more with less.  Designed to fit the requirements of various body types and holster combinations.  These go very well with kydex molded hard wedge holsters which are on the market right now, as well as, smaller frame holsters for those who need just a little bit of comfort to aid with their concealment.  They come with 4" strip of Velcro-brand premium velcro to stick on anywhere.  

This is a universal kit which includes the wedge with micro hook on it and a patch of loop with self-sticking adhesive ready for application.  

The Velcro (loop) side is oversized for a reason and is designed so that the end user can cut the loop to their particular holsters shape if they want to.

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