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NAR Individual Aid Medical Kit

NAR Individual Aid Medical Kit

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North American Rescue’s compact, vacuum-sealed Individual Aid Kit is designed to treat bleeding from penetrating and other traumatic injuries. The items in this kit are simple to use by non-medically trained caregivers. The purpose of this kit is to control bleeding and cover penetrating injuries until medically trained responders arrive on scene.  Measures roughly* 8 x 5 inches.

ITEM 85-0404

  • Compact first aid kit to treat penetrating and other traumatic injuries
  • Designed for non-medically trained caregivers to control bleeding until medically trained responders arrive on scene
  • Vacuum packaged & easy-to-open with the medical supplies needed to begin treatment

*sizes vary due to packaging

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Customer Reviews

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Tremendous value with this purchase.

Great little IFAK

There are literally dozens of IFAKs on the market, this one has the little stuff you want to have but don't want to buy separately. Seriously, look up the individual cost of each and this is a great deal. I have three of these in my cars, and I bought an RMT to go with them. Piece of mind, solved.