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Large Muzzle Pad

Large Muzzle Pad

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2" Wide by 4" Long

Comes with an OEM Velcro® Brand Loop Strip.

The Large Muzzle Pad (also known as a Tear Drop and Large Neoprene Wedge) comes standard with a strip of velcro (hook) for attachment to any holster.  They fit on any size holster or gun type, full size or sub compact.  

The muzzle pad is an injection molded foam pad shaped to work with most users on a service pistol sized holster.  The pad is installed on the back side, between the wearer and the holster, to position the muzzle outward and fine tune comfort and contact of the holster with the body.

Note:  The skin of the foam may imprint easily.  A little heat from a hair dryer will relieve most marks.  Regardless, they are cosmetic and won’t create any long term issues.  Once worn a few times the user will wear in some marks of their own on the surface.  This is a small trade off for a closed cell pad that won’t absorb sweat. Also if the user puts the velcro (hook) portion on parts of the holster which has corners, the contact/rubbing may cut down and/or allow for the velcro to unbind from the pad.

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