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Emergency Trauma Kit (ETK) - Custom Exclusive Kit

Emergency Trauma Kit (ETK) - Custom Exclusive Kit

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ETK (Emergency Trauma Kit) has everything you need (if you already have an RMT) for when you encounter a traumatic injury.  Lots of other kits on the market are stuffed with fillers or items you don't, or won't, need.  We made sure this one has the exact items you need to stop the bleeding.  

You get a proven hemostatic and a twin pack of chest seals that can work on adults and children.  Two sets of gloves because one pair may not be enough for the people working on the victim, and sometimes one pair rips.  Two-wound packing gauze because you may have a need for more than one pair of gauze or you may encounter someone with more than a single wound.   The Large shears work really well and are larger than other shears on the market.  A roll of medical-type duct tape to allow you to secure bandages, or wounds, as needed to the person on clothing.  A flat trauma dressing to put on top of any wound to help with layering against the bleed.  

Exclusively made by NAR to our specifications. 

1X Combat Gauze w/Hemostatic Bandage - Z-fold - LE
1X Chest Seal Dressing - Hyfin® - Compact (Vented) Twin Pack
2Pr Blue Responder Gloves - Large
2X NAR Wound Packing Gauze - 3” X 5yd
1X Responder Trauma Shears - Large
1X Mini Duct-Tape - 2” X 100”
1X Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing - 4” Flat

*note - Some of the bags/containers may come and not be vac-sealed.  This isn't an issue and the ETK is still rated for its expiration date.

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