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Darkwing AIWB Holster Attachment / Replacement

Darkwing AIWB Holster Attachment / Replacement

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The Dark Wing is our answer to the appendix carry attachment market.  We’ve applied lessons learned from our proven holster designs and adapted them to an attachment that will work with most common AIWB holsters on the market.  The Dark Wing simply attaches to the holster, in the angle between dust cover and trigger guard, and when worn, is pressed inward by the belt.  This rotates the grip inward and reduces printing for increased concealment.  The Dark Wing is a direct replacement for any other type of wing on the market, like the modwing or the raven wing.

  • Industry standard hole spacing (15mm/0.60”)
  • Designed around Industry standard hardware
  • Reduced play on screw posts
  • Aggressive teeth to help secure position
  • Angled lever provides a light outward kick on the muzzle
  • Recessed center hole allows direct mounting of wing to holster with a standard #8 screw
  • Molded with glass filled nylon for strength
  • Pittsburgh, PA designed and manufactured

The Dark Wing is currently only available in right handed.  Left handed coming soon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Winegarden
Best claw option

The reinforced nylon and girth (thicker than the Mod-wing, Raven, or Tier-1 claws) means it doesn't flex under your belt resulting in more torque to rotate the grip.The angled claw provides a bit of tilt and tucks the end of the grip better than the other designs, too. This allows for the same concealment with less belt tention, increasing comfort. Plus, it comes with V-Development Groups fantastic customer service.

Dark wing J Frame holster

The highest quality product, as usual from V-DEV perfect customer service. I usually carry my J Frame in a pocket or other ancillary position but this summer has been unusually hot so I was looking for a set up to carry under shorts and t-shirt. This is the way.


Can you take a great holster and make it better, you sure in heck can by adding the Dark Wing! Actually makes inserting holster easier without loosening belt, does a better job of keeping grip close, has enough bite to keep pistol stable, and maybe it's in my head, but the whole thing just feels more comfortable. Well done.