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1.5 Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT)

1.5 Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT)

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Now TCCC approved and available in BLACK

Check out VDMSR's post about the RMT

A tactical tool used for both training and application

Intended Users;  All military personnel, SWAT, Police, Remote Sport and Hunting enthusiasts, Border Patrol, Homeland Security,  Park Services and Tactical Response Units

Lightest, and smallest volume RMT.  Uses Small Ratcheting Buckle, Short Ladder Strap, and 1.5 webbing.  Can be quickly and effectively applied with a single hand, in total darkness,  with thorough training.   Applies precise mechanical pressure using only gross motor skills.  System is self locking requiring no any additional steps.  Ratcheting sound when activated.  Proven technology since 2002.  Users must train regularly for optimal response.


NSN: 6515-01-527-3841

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Customer Reviews

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Real World Use & #1 Live Saving Equipment

I’ve carried these RMT’s for roughly 6mo and have practiced a lot with them. I carried the NAR Tq’s for about 7yrs prior to these. And these are not only far superior, but quicker to apply and use under stress.

I (unfortunately) responded to a shots fired call where 4 people were critically wounded—using the RMT & other medical supplies to aid the victims. I can confirm the RMT in a real world application was faster to apply and in my opinion better than the NAR TQ. I’ve recommended these to other officers and they have started purchasing them for their own kits.

Ben Halverson
RMT Review

Haven't had to use it (hope I never do) but the quality and ease of use is already apparent. I have it strapped to my camping/range/daily driving med kit!!

David Acosta Jr


Hayden Minder
Fucking baller

You guys are the real deal. Keep killin it.


1.5 Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet (RMT)