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Excellent for AIWB

Finally a carry belt built for a purpose. Not just another stiff belt. I have beltman belts (still excellent in their own right) as well as other leather gun belts, and wilderness tactical, again another excellent belt. When I pulled out the Megingjörð from the package, I thought what in the heck is this? it was light and flexible, except where the holster will ride. After first wear, I immediately felt the difference in my waist as far as comfort, yet the firearm is supported perfectly. Also, no huge buckle, getting the way. If you carry AIWB, this belt is a no brainer. Hope this comes out in Coyote Brown.

If you carry AIWB, look no further

Yes, I was a sheep. I believed the hype that I needed this stiff, cobra tactical operator delta force belt for concealed carry. If you run a OWB rig with all sorts of great belt held gear, you may just need that. But for the rest of us who carry appendix, you don't need all of that hassle and discomfort. What you do need is support in one specific location. This belt provides, and at a steal of a cost. I spent $50.00, and waited 3 day (New Years Day included). I've never worn a better belt for my specific appendix carry need. Dare I say that it's perfect? Well, it is. Stop reading, and start ordering. You won't be disappointing.

PS. Great bag the belt came in....I'll be saving that for a while.


The Only AIWB Carry Belt You Need

Bought this belt for my wife a few months back, as she was struggling to find a good appendix carry belt that she liked. Figured why not give it a shot, it looked good. She absolutely loves it. I borrowed it a couple of times and immediately decided I needed one. I was using a fully stiff belt before this one. It did the job keeping my gun in place, but would get uncomfortable after a long day out. After trying her belt, I nearly bought one before Christmas, but she saved the day and bought me my own mejingjord! It is a simple design that works well and comfortably. I even convinced a friend that he needed one as well and he ordered it on the spot. It truly is the only appendix carry belt you'll ever need.


Awesome service

I ordered the wrong size belt and these guys were right on top of getting it exchanged and the new one shipped. Belt is brand new, so time will tell how it does. So far, so good. Worth giving these guys a try just because of the service.


I've tried them all, and vDev has cracked the code.

I've been wearing this belt for some time now and it does a few things that the other belts on the market do not. Keep in mind a lot of the current designs have been changed or re purposed for AIWB specific carry. This belt was clearly designed from the ground up to put the support in the areas that require it for that style of carry. Plenty of belts exist on the market that are very rigid throughout the entire circumference of the belt, which is fantastic for OWB and overt carry but that is not the mission that this belt is designed around. I recently was a student in an integrated combatives course that consisted of grappling, weapons retention and shooting on the move and this belt drew a lot of attention from those who were running the traditional re purposed style belts in the appendix position.

I wear this belt and carry a glock 17, and a few other typical edc items on a daily basis and the belt never digs into my hips or areas that cause a hot spot or pain. The low profile buckle is a welcomed departure from the larger "tactical" styles that seem to be everywhere now. If you follow the video instructions linked above it will show you the proper way to set up the belt and allow for infinite adjustment which is a must have for AIWB carry.

Buy with confidence.



Not being new to the CCW world I must say that without question this is the best design for appendix carry that I've tried to date. A couple design features for me takes the belt over the top. First the reinforcement of the area where one would place the holster followed by a soft pliable belt allows for an extremely comfortable all day belt. Next he buckle is very low profile. When cinched down there is no protrusion anywhere, completely disappearing under your shirt. Finally, going back to the belt material, it's soft but maintains its rigidity. Its the only belt that allows me to fully conceal a Glock 19 (even against my skin) under scrubs. Wearing the Megingjord on shorts, jeans or slacks is absolutely incredible all day every day. On a side note as some of you may well already know look closely on the design features of their holster. You can tell there is a lot of thought that has gone into that holster, which is on my Santa's list.



New Dawn Roast:



Immediately upon grinding the beans the aroma that filled our house was phenomenal. We set a coffeepot with time every morning and both drink 2 cups of coffee, and this has an excellent taste to it. NONE, ZERO burnt taste or odd after flavors that you find in other coffee. If there is any left in the pot I will reheat it in the afternoon and it doesn't change the flavor at all. Coffee if often an overlooked "thing" lots of people consume every day, after going through nearly the whole bag I can say this stuff is top notch and I highly recommend it!