An end user's first impressions of the Megingjord PRO

An end user's first impressions of the Megingjord PRO

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So good news. The V development AIWB specific belt I ordered arrived earlier than usual. Im happy to report that its working great for me!

There is a very stiff section to clip the holster to, the rest is soft nylon webbing with velcro and loops added to index knife clips or whatever else.

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I have to be honest. Out of the bag, the belt looks and feels so flimsy, its hard to believe it will work at all. Once I put it on and clipped the gun on, I could instantly tell a big difference.

The stiff section lets you clip the holster on nicely, and im able to retain my same drawstroke with no issues.The gun sits at the same level it did before with no sagging or drooping even with my big heavy 68oz Infinity.

Front view.
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From the side.
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The soft portion of the belt looks super dinky, and looks like its drooping bad, but I promise you its not. Just seems to form fit my body perfectly.

I went out for a few hours, took the wife for a late lunch, walked around for a bit. The rig was so comfortable with absolutely zero digging into my sides, no discomfort whatsoever. Im honestly amazed.
Also was able to bend to tie my shoelaces way more easily, the rig adapts to my movements much better.

Sitting in the car.
Outerwear Human body Textile Sleeve Comfort

All in all, im super happy with this sofar. Im done with leather belts for the forseeable future and will be using this new rig as my exclusive ccw setup to see if my mind changes in the long term.


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