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Parts Tray - Armorer - Non Slip

Parts Tray - Armorer - Non Slip

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These non-slip parts trays are used by military and civilian small arms armorers to keep all those pins and parts from rolling off the workbench and getting lost. 
Avionics technicians also use them to those tiny screws from magically disappearing.
Features non-slip (inverse golf ball pattern) Silicone rubber tray holds small parts while maintaining a clean workspace.
High semi-rigid walls prevent pins from rolling off the tray surface

  • Colors: High Visibility Zombie Green
  • Weight: 3.6 Ounces 
  • Dimensions Internal: 5 5/8ths X 3  5/8ths
  • Dimensions External: 6” X 4”  X 15/32”
  • Material: Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber
  • Properties: Non-Magnetic, Anti-static, Flame/Heat Resistant, Solvent Resistant.
  • NSN Pending

Got it dirty, dusty, oily, greasy? No problem! Wash it down with a little soap and water and you are back good-to-go. 

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Lunar Concepts
Great Tray Fast Shipping

Exactly what I needed and shipped quick