Kanas City Superbowl Parade Shooting - Not a tourniquet in sight

Kanas City Superbowl Parade Shooting - Not a tourniquet in sight

From the information that is available as of now, there were numerous people shot and injured during the Kansas City Superbowl Parade.  Law Enforcement is still trying to figure out what exactly occurred, however we do know for a fact that there were no readily available commercial tourniquets, and bystanders applied improvised tourniquets on wounded victims.  

A similar situation occurred during the Boston Marathon Bombing, and a case study was done - Tourniquet use at the Boston Marathon bombing: Lost in translation - one of the biggest things to take away from this study was that there were ZERO commercial tourniquets applied and numerous people lost limbs, yes there were no fatalities, but tourniquets do not just stop the bleed (#stopthebleed), they also help prevent serious protracted injury.  

If you are reading this post then you are likely an Educated End User, and know that you should be prepared at all times.  Being prepared is not just for yourself, but for your family, friends, community and others around you that you have a duty to assist when necessary.  In the entire crowd of people at the Superbowl parade, not a single person had a commercial tourniquet, or med kit, or anything of that sort.  You should strive to be the prepared person in the group, the one who thought ahead, the hero of the day.

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